Monday, October 4, 2010


the new website that rocks its a community forum join now DEAR FRIEND, [i] Firstly i want to say im not pleased with england national football team for denying me a huge sum of money this last tuesday,yes! i knew they wont win the match infact i believ they re goin to lose not because i dont like the team or england i love evrybody that plays for england,tleast they ve got the best league.wont you agree My name adekunle,i own kunlex technology,its a firm which at its inception deals with phones and computer repairs,but by god grace is moving to greater height.now i make money blogging,selling reports and flipping site,soon im planning to own my own personal psearch engine like GOOGLE with a difference and i know its possible see im the kind of person who believes that no matter the odds,i am suppose to be rich and wealthy,if u check the news in u.s this week u ll se the youngest billionaires like the guy who owns facebook and google those guys are just 28,29.so it gave me hope that though i ve still got a log way to go i can still get there so my friend as i was saying before,im also a professional football trader, i know some of u by now will be thinking that what is football trading, some of ya will thinks its a fluke or some sham way of defrauding you but what i ll tell u is that it is not like that and infact you can make over 100% profit trading football matches of all leagues across the globe.....right on your laptop i made lots of pounds from newcastle last season after they were relgated to division 1 bcos they were at the bottom of the table but started beating everybody home and away during the last english premier league season,u remember that was obafemi martins former team. you can atually place trades on any league matches across d globe even in the brazillian league.you can make the money in dollars,pounds or euros and the amazing thing is if u ve the heart for it. THE OPPOURTUNITY IN THIS BUSINESS according to okocha henry,MD/CEO Zenith point global onept ltd.the owners of footballtradingsignals,a site that helps investors take critial decisions when it comes to making money,trading football online.football trading business is popular everywhere around the world .in the western world it has been established as the means by which investors multiplies there money,apart from global stocks,forex,gold and bonds.even though in nigeria this oppourtunity is just becoming popular,only a few are taking advantage of this money-making oppourtunity. since international footbal has become a popular item on the table.this book is conerned with anything that concerned with football tradings business this trade is very popular in foreign countries.for instance the sponsor of madrid(BWIN)is a football betting/trading with over 20 years.the few nigerians that knows the way re smilling to the bank right now HOW THIS INVESTMENT WORKS TODAY YOU AV MANY LEAGUES WHERE FOOTBALL GAMES RE PLAYED like premier league,german league,bundesliga,spanish liga et.there re sites that feature the matches that take place such question as who do you think will win this or that or that match?you will now ahve to predict the scores. for instance,if arsenal is playing man u,u would be asked to predict of the team that ll win,u place your bet on rsenal if u think,they re the team to win and if it is on man u then u place it.then if it is draw,u click on draw HOW TO TAKE INVESTMENT DECISION Some people refer to this system as sports betting,this will only be so if u do not like any other investment and then jump in without critically analysing what u how u want to do it and what should be giuding your investment decisions,in football trading,there there re some sites like www.footballtradingsignals which you chek before you place a trade or play the games, u enter into this sites and check the analysis that has been done on the athes and games. this sites will give u the bits,that is profit-making signals or foreast,the outome of ur investment that u an use to trade on your own playing the page and making profit WITH ALL THIS I VE TOLD YOU AM READY TE REVEAL THE SECRET I USE IN MAKING TON OF CASH DAY IN DAY OUT EVRYWEEK TRADING FOOTBALL AND MAKING MONEY RIGHT IN THE COMFOTR OF MY HOME WOUDNT YOU GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY TO GRAB THIS AMAZING REPORT FOR JUST 2,000 NAIRA IF ASKED TO BUY?OR RE U STILL AMONG THE PEOPLE WHO CAME ONLINE TO FIND FREEBIES.IM TELLING U THERE IS NO WAY U LL EVER MAKE IT ONLINE IF U DONT SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY SO TO GET THIS MIND BLOWING REPORTt hat LL LAND YOU CASH IN YOUR first DAY OF TRADING U CAN GET IT BY PAYING JUST N1,000 YES JUST N1,000 TO GUARANTY TRUST BANK NAME: ADENIJI ADEKUNLE MICHEAL A/C; 471/484321/1590 THEN SEND AN EMAIL TO kunlexengine@gmail.com with your payment detail and ur name when payment is confErmed the link to the download will be sent to you you ve no reason to wait till tomorow to make money,i made 600 dollars with the draw on tuesday england game because i placed on there opponent which is assumed to be the weaker team. learn evErything in this ebook on how to place your trade for 100% profit you can also learn how you can monetize yoUr website or blog with google adsense and how you can make more than 70,000 weekly sellING short reports for free [/i] [b][i] CLICK OR COPY AND PASTE THE LINK BELOW TO THE FREE DOWNLOAD[/i][/b] [u][b] you can join my group(KUNLEX TECHNOLOGY) on facebook and get amazing free offers may amazing success of god be yours kunlexengine@gmail.com 07032038506 or my LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT : U3100316

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